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Why is Dental, Vision & Hearing Insurance important for your family?

We understand that your teeth, eyesight and hearing are part of your quality of life; unexpected problems can be painful, inconvenient and expensive! We want to make it possible for you to find an affordable ay to protect these assets. The products we provide are designed to help you pay toward their coverage.

Product Highlights

Covered Immediately



This plan is issued individually. Premiums are determined according to you age and benefit you select.

Why Should You Buy From Us?


Once the $100 Policy Year Deductible is satisfied, your policy pays for covered expenses, not to exceed reasonable and Customary Changes, up to the Policy Year Maximum:

30-Day Right to Examine

You have 30 days after you receive the policy to examine it and return it to us if you are dissatisfied. We will then refund the premium you paid and void the policy.

Guaranteed Renewable

(subject to our limited right to change premium rates)

Medico Insurance Company doesn’t charge a policy fee and although some limitations do apply, your acceptance in this program is guaranteed. We cannot refuse to renew your policy for any reason if your premiums are paid on time.